All you need

are two hands and a plan.

A message from The Boys:

Hey! Welcome to the beginnings of the Working With website. We're currently under construction, working on tutorial writeups and videos, etc... Updates very soon!

Working With

The major goal of this website is to introduce you to the concepts of sustainable living and self-sufficiency. Our pilot project will be Matt's house in Guelph, Ontario but that will just be the beginning. We want to help you to understand that you don't need a giant, prepared back yard and hundreds of hours of free time to make your life a little more sustainable and cost-effective. We want to show you that you can have a herb and vegetable garden on your little Toronto balcony. We want to prove to you that you will save money making your own soap and laundry detergent. We want to make you think about what goes into your food and household products and whether it really NEEDS to be in there.

Most of all, we want you to join us in our adventures. We will be trying new things that we've found or heard about to see if they're actually worthwhile; we will be doing projects around the house and town, then showing you how we did it as well as the 80 ways we messed up (and how you can avoid being like us); we will be interviewing people who are doing cool stuff on a level that you're capable of doing yourself; we will be asking you for YOUR input - what do you want to see next??? Email us!

Today, we have a blog set up, some pictures and explanations of what's happening right now in the Working With 'One More Yard' and a little insight into who we are and why we're doing this. More to come in the very near future.

As Matt and I have said to people so much that they have started to throw sharp projectiles at us when they know it's coming:

"All you need are two hands and a plan."





The Boys, Matt and Pat