Tutorials have begun

Hello fellow urban farmers!

Today is a very exciting day for Matt and myself! Our first written tutorial has been posted in the “Outdoor projects” page: Raised beds!

We are working on the accompanying video tutorial and will be adding more tutorials as our fingers heal from all the typing. Up next: soapmaking (coffee ground coconut/olive oil soap and scentless olive/canola oil), laundry detergent (with the scentless soap), rebatching, etc. in the “Indoor projects” section.




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The Working With Blog

Hello friends and urban farmers,

This is the first Working With blog post – hopefully there will be many more in the future.

The new site is up and running… content is sparse at best right now but there will be many updates very soon since our fingers are just itching to type for hours on end about all the cool stuff we’ve been doing and researching.

Just as a little sampler – our backyard garden, dubbed ‘One More Yard’ is doing amazingly well. We’ve got raised beds with greenery growing everywhere, we’ve got bucket planters with everything from melons to cucumbers or tomatoes, we’ve got inverted 2L pop bottle SIPs for herbs and starts… and guess what? EVERYTHING’S GOING WELL!!!

…Except for the eggplant that I planted just before a surprise frost – those died. Luckily, Matt went out and bought some seedlings without telling me and then strung me along for a while, thinking that the eggplants were just late bloomers. Bah! I wish we were growing something poisonous… Nothing serious, just a little poisonous so I could give him some wicked stomach cramps.

Does that make me evil and vindictive?


Cheers everyone, more posts very soon!


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